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RUPFA Ghana on an Effort to Reduce Reduce Algae Bloom

Under the division of Environmental protection, RUPFA will pay a working visit to the Agbozome community after a tour to some of the communities close to the catchment such as Tomefa, weija, Joma, Manhiam. A delegation of RUPFA team will meet the headman of the Agbozome community as well as the leaders of the fishermen and farmers Association who normally do their activities on the river or along the banks. The meeting will bring together some land guards as well as opinion leaders who reside in the area.
Agbozome is a periurban community within the Ga West district. The chief occupation of the community members of Agbozome is fishing whiles others are into farming. Agbozome is a mixed tribe community comprising of Ga and Ewe but dominated by the Ewe speaking group. It has a local administration made up of Chief, Headman and heads of committees. Majority of the men are into fishing whereas the women support them by selling their catch. This makes fishing a source of livelihood for majority of them. The community members drink directly from the Weija dam without purification. RUPFA team had visited the community twice already to meet with their leaders as a means of community entry, and now it was the turn of the various leaders of the community members themselves. RUPFA executives will be visiting the Agbozome community for a third time to meet with the leaders on RUPFA’s mission and agree on a day for an educational campaign. RUPFA team arrived at the Agbozome community on Friday 31st of July 2015, but the meeting will be held in the Joma community for easy accessibility for all the leaders

1.    Executive Director of RUPFA
2.    Country Director
3.    The Headman of Agbozome
4.    Leaders of fishermen/ farmers association
5.    Opinion leaders
6.    Land guards

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