Impact Assessment

Rural Urban Partnership for Africa (RUPFA) is committed to providing its stakeholders with timely, objective and accurate data on the impact of its strategies. Submit Monitoring and Evaluation. Our Impact Assessment program is designed:

1. To support the youth, women, men and disable working to reversing rural urban migration and alleviating poverty to identify gaps, set priorities and track progress;

2. To enable RUPFA staff and partner organizations to continuously improve our programs;

3. To enlist new sources of funding and be accountable to current sponsor and donor agencies; building trust with our donors must be continual practice.

4. To engage in a research, forum, policy analysis and advocacy work with policymakers and other thought leaders to help persuade them that our bottom-up, gender-focused approach is deserving of wider adoption in the development field.

Our Impact Assessment program is consistent with our range of activities: to empower people living in conditions of poverty and reversing rural urban drift to be the primary agents of their own development in line with self-reliance. Strengthening the skills needed for them to participate in actively monitoring their progress is an integral component of our programs.

The Impact Assessment program has to do with the

RUPFA Theory of Development is based on four blocks:

Block 1: Participatory approach in identifying the needs of the people for sustainable development.

Block 2: Mobilizing grassroots people for self-reliant development;

Block 3: Empowering women as key development agents; and

Block 4: Forging effective partnerships with local government for development.

In combination, these four blocks create a successful, sustainable process of integrated, human-centered development, by which communities locally achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

View a full diagram of our Theory of Development.


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