Campaign to End Deforestation and Forest Degradation in Ghana.

RUPFA sensitizes students to become advocates in ending forest degradation and deforestation in Ghana  

Over the years, forest degradation and deforestation have seemingly been at the core of dramatic change in climate globally.  The magnitude of its effect on agriculture and livelihoods in Ghana has necessitated a national concern and advocacy to curb the situation.

As a result, RUPFA in partnership with the Forestry Commission of Ghana and the Upper Akim West District Assembly on 28th October organised an Awareness Creation and Sensitization Programme (ACSP) at the  Adeiso Presby Senior High School. The students were enlightened on the benefits of forest conservation as well as the impact of deforestation and forest degradation on Ghana.

RUPFA remains committed to seeing a younger population well informed in respect to environmental protection and sustainability.

Sponsored by the Richlee Foundation, the programme was part of global efforts and campaigns aimed at  Reducing Emission through Deforestation and Degradation Plus the Sustainable Management of Forest (REDD+).